Vitamin D – Virus Fighting Science – Is this being IGNORED?

What is the SCIENCE behind Vitamin D?

Why are we being kept in the dark?

My love and support for humanity, experience with medical interpretation, pathology and integration of natural medicine help provide a new level of support for my patient’s health outcomes. This is why it concerns me that the science that is showing massive benefit from simple nutritional medicine to help fight the SARS-COV-2 virus is being kept out of mainstream media. Why? When there are amazing health benefits being studied and evidence is evidence.

Science shows massive benefits of using super strength Vitamin D for the virus

This article published by Orthomolecular William B. Grant PhD shows the total number of publications that mention vitamin D is more than 93,600. Dr Grant found:

“A simple search at shows there were 5484 publications in 2021 with vitamin D in the title or abstract. That is up from 4548 in 2020. In 2021, 609 of the publications with vitamin D in the title or abstract in 2021 were about COVID-19, and 279 about SARS-CoV-2.”

The paper points to the data posted at, stating that there have been over 288 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 as well as over 5.4 million deaths said to have been attributed to COVID-19 by December 31, 2021. We must also mention the tremendous disruptions in business, family disparity, isolation, discrimination, education, food production, social life, and travel. We know that mRNA vaccinations have been developed and used to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the incidence and severity of COVID-19.

Fortunately, as many of the world’s physicians are learing, the protection from these new and clinically trialled gene therapies seems to be waning with time and may not be as useful for new variants such as Omicron.

Would it benefit us to understand the simple cofactors we need to make increase our own innate immunity?

If so how do we help Vitamin D become more widely known and used? 

The article suggests that when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the emergency use authorization for the mRNA vaccines in December 2020, was that there were no simple methods to prevent the infection or treat the disease. As a result, there has been a near-total mass media blockade on information regarding vitamin D in that regard, and a partial social media blockade. Several of the top vitamin D papers for 2021 were related to COVID-19.

So many people are happy to pick a Vitamin D supplement off the shelf and or just use the “I get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun” phrase.

I have been inundated with enquiries from people who need more than the general support a chemist generic or supermarket shelf brand can bring them.

Advanced, scientifically validated formulas provide your immune system with the powerful amounts of Vitamin D and other nutrients (fuel) it needs in times of stress and protection.

Here’s some simple solutions:

Increase screening for Vitamin D –

Check blood levels of all patients not just those who are deficient 


Support the uptake of D using cofactors such as Magnesium which increases the absorption.

Supply Zinc and Selenium, which improves our SOD genes (our POTENT antioxidant system) and Glutathione? (the major fuel for the SOD gene)

Use strong anti-inflammatory foods and medicines to reduce pro-inflammatory responses

Get out in the sun in the best and safest times of the day


Read the science and educate yourself and others.

The science behind this remarkable “HORMONE”  / “IMMUNE MESSENGER” is really amazing. This is why I have shared this article from Orthomolecular Nutrition I subscribe to educate and keep up to date with the SCIENCE of NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE.

I wish to make your 2022 a Happy and HEALTHY Year of the Tiger and welcome all enquiries at

or phone 0419166869 for your complementary chat or to have your Vitamin D tested for a small lab fee.

with love and light


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