What does your Inner Terrain say about your Health?

What does your INNER TERRAIN

say about your Health?

People often ask me to interpret their blood test results, WHY?

Having 25 years of experience with medical test interpretation, pathology, and integration of natural medicine, it is no surprise I see patients who want to know why their blood tests aren’t explained in full to them and just want to know what their blood results mean. Being a Live Blood Morphologist and having 25 years experience interpreting general blood tests, provides a new level of support for my patient’s health outcomes.

Pathology tests teach us a lot about the person’s nutritional health excesses and deficiencies plus the bodies’ internal terrain.

So what does the “Inner Terrain” mean and what can we learn about our overall health in live blood screening about our health?

Our inner terrain is the internal environment and is seen under a Darkfield microscope as big round circles which depict the red blood cells, white blood cells, “sticky” fibrin, (protein forms) and cholesterol forms. The other significant difference in live blood screening from general blood tests which tells us a whole heap are the microorganisms seen outside of the cells and sometimes ‘parasitic’ like microorganisms which seem to swim around and sometimes appear inside the red blood cells, known by Enderlaain as “L-Forms”. These forms seen by Live Blood morphologists originally named by Beauchamp, a Microbiologist, who should by rights, be regarded today as one of the founders of modern medicine and biology.

Unfortunately the Germ Theory vs Inner Terrain Theory leaves many modern scientists with a bad taste as this contraindicates their training leading to the overuse of suppressive and antibacterial medicines as according to the germ theory germs are bad. We know they are in many large numbers if the body cannot fight them, however, Science has now started shifting, ever so slightly, showing the inner terrain theory of wiping out bugs by cleaning and reducing our exposure, especially in babies’ is bad news for our innate immune response.

This book shows there is not enough modern, open consideration given to Beauchamp’s evidence. It explains that with a healthy inner terrain, we can fight off most longer term diseases.  Our inner microbiological balance that the greed of the 21st century has unbalanced, needs more interpretation and scientists that think laterally and are brave enough to share this in a new way.

Would it benefit us to understand our blood results and take charge of our health?

An astounding big YES! to this! The more we are armed with information the less we fear and the more we can do about preventing detrimental suffering over our lives. Seeing your blood live is amazing and many times I hear people saying “It reminds me of a starry universe at night”. This is so close to the universal lore that we are all connected, right?

So how do we balance a disrupted inner terrain? 

Simply speaking the3 five elements of health are

  1. Healthy food = healthy inner terrain = healthy Gut flora and better waste clearing from our clogged systems
  2. Healthy, alive water using H2 water -devices –  which provide the body with abundant antioxidants
  3. Sleep – good and deep sleep – allowing the body to recover from the day’s unrest.
  4. Healthy mind – healthy relationships = healthy boundaries.
  5. Sunshine and exercise.

The body is a simple earthly compartment of cells with the need for simple fuels, lifestyle and when that is out of balance we have nothing else to blame but our own fuels which fan the fires within.

Sometimes we need extra help. I work with people who want to improve their health and have had no luck finding solutions to their health concerns and gather the information to support their recovery. 


Use strong anti-inflammatory foods and medicines to reduce pro-inflammatory responses

Get out in the sun in the best and safest times of the day


Transform your Health.

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with love and light




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