Vitamin D – The Research & The Myths


The Research, The Myths and Certain Viruses 


Vitamin D is not a vitamin persay however one if it’s actions is that it acts as a hormone to trigger an immune response. We must understand that the game of survival and life played every day inside us, called Homeostasis, is not separate from the outside. It is all aligned with small and massive changes to our health and any disruption to “normal and healthy” triggers a cascade of events to help other nutritive cellular changes occur to maintain homeostasis. To keep us alive.

VITAMIN D – or Cholecalciferol is one Major Important Nutritional Medicine for your cells that we simply cannot do without! Here’s what you should know.

What is your Vitamin D Level?

Do you know if you are you actively converting it to active D?

Do you have a gene called VDR that is responsible for not converting inactive D to active D?

There is a difference if you have a blood test, are you  receiving the valid information you require?

A study via the Canadian Covid Care Alliance reviews here how importantly those who are dying with Covid-19 have seriously deficient Vitamin D levels.

A few years ago Australia’s Medicare system asked Doctors to stop testing for Vitamin D UNLESS it was for those with co existing, known health issues affected by low D levels such as osteoporosis or rickets which seems timely when we think of the impact made on Naturopathic practice and health rebates being removed. Just a thought.

If you haven’t had your vitamin D levels tested and are unsure of the type needed for you, or would like to pay out of pocket and avoid the infections in your health care setting, there are other ways to have D and other important blood nutrigenomics tested officially, via a short, effective clinical consult with Michelle, please phone for your session.

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