MAX your Immune Potential – 10 day FREE webinar series presented by Phoenix RisingFX

MAX your Immune Potential – 10 day webinar series

 Presented by Phoenix RisingFX

“Our aim is to spend time to help educate and listen to you,

to pinpoint the core clinical imbalances and

to develop a personalized program to correct or end the health concerns. “

Our programmes are not a “One Size Fits All”

We understand the interconnectedness of your cellular health

and the impact of biological toxins

collaborate with our clinical team to interpret, unravel and remove your symptoms

Your health is our utmost importance

The Phoenix RisingFx IM Defence Programmes have supported 

      • Exhausted single mothers running shift work in busy hospitals
      • Aged care workers exposed to the virus
      • Elderly couples with young grandchildren
      • Carers supporting people with pneumonia
      • People sick and isolated from their partners
      • Front line Police officers, nurses, shop assistants, governmental workers
      • People with anxiety and recurrent illness

Would you like to know how to 


We are looking for 20 people

who want MAX their Immune Potential

All you have to do is fill in the form below and we will be in touch

 10 Day Live Workshop

Begins Monday 27th April 



Starts Monday 20th April 2020 10 am

All sessions will be recorded for you to Replay for 48 hours

Here’s our latest Facebook Live with Michelle.

Returning Resilience to our Body and Immune System. Genetics & All. Part 1

LIVE in FIVE Returning to How Our Biology is Naturally Set Up. Genetics & All. Part 1We are looking for 20 people who are exhausted and on the front line who want to MAX their Immune potential as others have done simply and effectively. You are invited to join our 10 Day FREE online FB webinar.

Posted by Michelle Crone on Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Stay Healthy and Resilient and have a look at our Mini Clinical Consultations for all your Wellness and Personalised Health Care.






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