What Do We Know About Resilience & Your Immunity?



What do we know about Covid-19 and Immunity?


Who are most at Risk?

People of all ages exposed to the virus can be infected, however Immune compromised individuals, especially in their senior years, diabetics, asthmatics or anyone with an underlying pre-existing medical condition are at higher risk of contraction. Symptoms include fever, coughing, dry throat and shortness of breath. People who smoke cigarettes and VAPE are also in the high risk category

What do we know about the immune system?

The immune system is a network of special cells, tissues, proteins and organs that work together to protect the body from potentially damaging foreign invaders and disease.

Our immune system comprises the innate and the adaptive or acquired system which contains complexes that work in harmony and together make up a multilayered immune system to keep us healthy.

Amongst these complexes are cytokines which are molecules that are used in cell signalling or cell-to-cell communication that arises in the event of an infection and activate an immune response.

Other complexes, such as phagocytes, mast cells, macrophages, T-Cells & B-Cells, all form an army that mobilises action in response to infection.


We explain more about this in the face book live presented April 15th 2020 with Michelle Crone

(transcripts available on request) 

Author: Sue M Coad Co-Director CEO Phoenix RisingFx,  April 6th 2020

Here’s our latest facebook live with Michelle.

What do we know about Covid-19 and Immunity?

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Disclaimer :

It is important to note that neither this information nor the COVID-19 report constitutes a medical diagnosis or advice and does not replace medical advice from your health care practitioner. Rather, our goal is to educate with current researched information that may be relevant to your personal health.

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This information is pertinent and we’d love you to share to your associates and invite them to Phoenix RisingFx Page for daily updates. 

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