alters the GUT MICRO BIOME

and how does this affect your

Chronic Fatigue and Recovery?

We live in a world of the quick fix and

millions of people suffer from pain and fatigue.

We grab a Pain killer for this and an Antiinflammatory for that.

We think that we don’t have a choice due to the lack of diagnosis of our CHRONIC FATIGUE.

WE DO! And it begins in the FUEL WE GIVE OUR GUT thus our BODIES! 

Studies suggest that we have a MASSIVE disruption in our GUT MICROBIOTA (the ecology of the gut) when we consume pain relievers over a long period of time. That is more than a month or two!!

In many of those who suffer Chronic Fatigue and other Chronic Diseases the only way to get from day to day is to take pain relievers.

This has now been shown to directly destroy complete colonies of gut micro biota.

Not a good thing at all for those in Pain with chronic fatigue. 

In studies of those on pain relivers, we see that there is a need to  TOTALLY repair the gut flora.  Not just take a Probiotic… we need TOTAL change of diet that precedes and FEEDS the fuel for the Microbiota to recolonise.

Pain relievers are destorying our microbiome.

Stool testing accurately assesses the complex changes in your GUT micro biota.

HOWEVER : Not all stool testing is the same and not all Tests are comprehensive enough. 

Nowadays we have DNA testing of the stool.

DNA tests of the stool are cheap and are a measure of ALL of the DEAD and ALIVE bacteria. We need ALIVE bacteria to see what is actually happening and how things are for YOU now. 


Understanding and interpreting the ACTUAL Bacteria and its metabolites found in your POO TEST, that are LIVING is far more beneficial to understand the lack of balanced micro biota in your gut.  This then allows for a complete GUT NUTRITION programme can then be instigated to assist your recovery.

You will then receive a personalised MENU PLAN AND RECIPES ONLINE TO FOLLOW specific Natural Medicines and support to help you with pain relief via healthier options, while you recover. 

Do Not think this will be a quick fix, recovery as you know and building a new gut microbim=ome takes some time. Don’t think this is easy. You may even need some MIND relief and motivational support in this time. 

Your diet will need to be overhauled if you have Chronic fatigue to start to fuel the gut with beneficial and this will require the consistent efforts to help you recover.

Michelle consistently supports those with Chronic Fatigue via GUT MICRO CULTURE examination via a comprehensive stool examination, in-depth medical history and understanding of your life and timeline including your stressors and significant life traumas, Yes your perception of STRESS IS MASSIVE in your recovery but thats another blog.

As a passionate and comprehensive MICROBIOME Practitioner, consistently looking at the culture of the inner terrain of your system, YOUR HEALTH IS MY FOCUS! LEts get you out of pain and get to the root root cause of your CHRONIC DISEASE.



In health and light,


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