Why is it so important to support our Immune System in Times Of Stress?

Why is it so important to support our Immune System in Times Of Stress?

Our Immune System is UNDER ATTACK more than ever!

So many people are so freaked out right now with orders to take medicine we may not wish to have and freedoms being removed, that the defence in our immune system is being pounded and needs your help! 

Thousands of normal Aussie families are being forced to do things to keep their families’ income coming in, under duress. These are unprecedented times, like no other we have seen. So it is up to us to help out the inner firefighting and inner defense force operations.

With the growing number of people stretched to the limits, physically and mentally, it is incredibly important we provide the best and most efficient fuel to our cells to keep our immune system strong. What you eat, drink, smell and see is sending your brain and innate immunity the signals to enable a security force far more powerful than any you can imagine. However, that same strong defense team does get suppressed with constant stress. (1)

Why is it so important to give extra fuel to keep

our immune system strong?

Your White Blood Cells and especially the Natural Killer Cells (T-Lymphocytes) (1) are trying so hard to stand guard. The constant stress we encounter as fear, guilt, envy, hatred, has a very low frequency (5) and science has found that this has been shown to change the gut bacteria so much that it becomes ‘bad’ bacteria that thrives and sets up an inflammatory cascade of events in our bodies, especially without the right fuel coming in as backup for the security guards or “army” which is your Immune systems white blood cells. (2)(4)

What is our Inner Defence?

Introducing our “T Helper Cells”

CD4+ T cells (T helper cells) assist white blood cells in eliminating pathogens as a part of our acquired or adaptive immune system. These cells activate cytotoxic T cells and macrophages, and aid the maturation of B cells into both plasma cells and memory cells. T helper cells suppress and regulate the immune response by secreting cytokines or inflammatory responses during the immune defence response and may differentiate into other T Helpers.

Th1cells are responsible for activating and regulating the development of cytotoxic T cells (CTL). They regulate the production of cytokines or inflammatory agents and activate antigen-presenting cells presenting the macrophages ( the ones that gobble up the baddies) with something to attack.

Th2 cells are essential in facilitating protective type 2 immune responses (producing cytokines as well, such as those that target parasites and facilitate tissue repair. However, they also contribute to chronic inflammatory diseases, such as asthma and allergies and sometimes anaphylaxis. A known anaphylaxis response to injections and artificial chemicals like PEG and Polysorbate 80 is inside some of the latest vaccinations and is highly dangerous to those with prior reactions to this substance setting up a potentially nasty response.

Studies often focus on the ratio between Th1 and Th2 in understanding what the balance needs to be and how it is kept in appropriate proportions. Factors secreted by the gut wall, Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas, Activating Nutritional deficiencies, Sleep, Love, Happiness and Mindfulness are increasingly our best way to support our innate responses and inner balance.

We are a living breathing organism that requires the ongoing sustained fuel on all levels of health. 

Natural Medicine Practitioners have many supporting roles and our philosophy is “FIRST DO NO HARM” Heard that before? Hippocrates the Father of Medicine. What a legend!

“How can I protect myself now?”

There are so many ways to support our bodies that we have made it easy for you.




A three step protocol to support you through the next phase of choices you are making. We use regulated Chinese herbs, nutritional medicines in the appropriate doses for you, which may be useful in immunotherapy and are significantly effective in our everyday formulas.  Herbal Medicine formulas contain active constituents that have the ability to boost the messages and fuel that the inner security system needs.


So how lucky we are to have strong and effective answers, backed with evidence and formulated mixes via our professional and TGA approved formulas.

If just one or two, high strength formulas are compounded (or mixed as powders or liquid, together)  into what we call immune modulators, broad spectrum anti viral and energy tonics,  our Immune system can speed up the ability to restore the Natural Killer Cells prior to any stressor or toxic load we may encounter. If we do need to recover from an infection, then we have the strongest forms of legally available natural medicines to help our bodies get across the line.


As a Natural Medicine Professional, my purpose on the Earth this time around (and probably others) is to share and provide this high level of support and I am super keen to make sure the good people of this planet stay fit and healthy to see the new light we have coming. My colleagues at Pheonix RisingFx have been preparing for this time for many months and we are  here if you wish to seek us out.

If you would like me to be in contact and set up a complementary short chat to see if your immune system can do with the extra love


email me mlcrone@bigpond.com

or pm me on my facebook page



Much love and wisdom to you all

Co-Director www.PhoenixRisingFx.com







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