Is Your Water Toxic?

Does TOXIC Ground Water Affect Your Vege Patch?

Does TOXIC Ground Water Affect Your Vege Patch?

We think that when we have a home grown vegetable patch it is fulfilling our needs to protect our families’ and provide healthy and safe vegetables free from chemicals, right?

Well think again – thousands of families around Australia are now consuming vegetables at home and from healthy farmers markets that contain carcinogenic firefighting chemicals as by products of bush firefighting and air force defence training operations.

Do you know how harmful these are to your health when eating them long term?

It has been left to the food preparers and those parents who research to find out the hard way. These Aussie families’ are mostly mums and dads of everyday households, just like you who have to follow the research, to fnd out why their children are sick, suffering skin conditions, gut health problems and cannot concentrate like “normal kids”.

It is time we focus on the sources of water that we are using and work out if we are watering our plants and if we are buying vegetables that are containing these TOXIC chemicals.

The end result is… thousands of families around Australia may be eating contaminated vegetables. It is time to change the way we think about the water coming from our “safe” installations, our taps and our shower heads.

Many years of research into water lead me to a map of contaminated areas.

A little bit of knowledge is the key  and I have made it easier for you to find out if the areas where contaminated ground water is a concern for you.

Maybe the area you are in is located on this map?

Maybe the vegetables you buy have been watered by groundwater and absorbing the carcinogenic byproducts which leech into your lettuce, carrots, broccoli and spinach?

PFOA’s or Perfluorooctanoic acid comes from chemicals used in firefighting training, throughout bushfire zones, inour suburban water supplies and are being found in groundwater all over the country and even in South Australia. Too close to home.

Find out with a simple chat to me about having your mains and drinking water filtered.

What you can’t see may be adding to the toxic load and causing cancer. PFOA’s are carcinogens. Carcinogens cause cancer. Cancer causing agents should not be allowed to get into our water. But they are.

Most people including young children I see in my clinic, have been affected by environmental toxins that we can test and relate to health symptoms: Tests I have access to can help determine if there are chemicals or heavy metals, viruses or bacterial issues affecting their health.

Some of us are born to be healers and out of the box thinkers. It’s our purpose. I am one of them. I will help you find out the information to empower you to take charge of your families’ health.

Trust your intuition and if you don’t feel well or your child is not well, reach out and chat to me.

Water IS a big deal.

Healthy Water and giving families options to make theirs healthy and not just safe to drink is a passion of mine.

To access the link to find out if your area is using this contaminated water, fill out the form and include your postcode and I can send you the link.

If you would like me to send you a link to check out if your area uses groundwater that may contain carcinogenic chemicals 

email me

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Love, Health and Light,

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