MTHFR gene – Is Anxiety getting the better of you?


MTHFR Gene mutations & ANXIETY

If you are suffering from anxiety the answer may be in your genes and there may be a simple solution. 

Do you suffer from bouts of anxiety?

Are your anxiety levels worse leading up to your period?

Are you an anxious passenger?

Does the world seem like such a busy and intense place and do you want to hide away from it all?

Then read on as I have listed 3 pearls that can help to deal with anxiety.


There are a number of things I assist with when helping someone with anxiety. Here’s 3 of my most helpful tips…

1. Make sure you are taking the right form of folate for your MTHFR gene. Changing your diet is number one rule anytime, however just adding a MTHFR friendly green smoothy will help you get the daily folate you need. Taking a B vitamin for stress and anxiety that contains FOLIC Acid if you have MTHFR gene, maybe blocking the uptake of this vital nervous system supportive vitamin.

2. Get plenty of deep restful sleep. The general consensus is that for every hour of sleep before midnight is like having 2 hours after midnight. Make sure your lead up to sleep is well and truly calm & peaceful. Burning the candle on both ends heightens our adrenal fatigue and switches on the MTHFR gene for those with the predisposition to anxiety. Turn off those screens and listen to some calming music. I find the soft sounds of kids radio “Kinderling” beautiful at night.

3. Make sure you catch up with me and learn Thought Field Therapy. (TFT) It’s easy and free to do and has even helped to calm me down in the middle of a VERY bumpy small flight! There is a specific pattern to follow with this tapping technique. The Richard Callaghan Technique is the original TFT technique and I find it works really well!

Still not sure what the MTHFR is all about and need more information…???

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Until next time,

Stay happy, healthy and MTHFR wise,