MTHFR Gene and Memory

elephant mthfr gene psot MTHFR Gene defects may have an impact

on your MEMORY in later life.

Have you or any family member suffered through Alzheimers? 

Are you concerned about longer term impact on your own fading memory?

Maybe you need to read on…

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The MTHFR gene enables folate to be up taken into other cells, which then switches on a whole heap of other pathways in your methylation cycle which assists your body’s detox pathways. If for some reason your body has other methylation genes that have been found via gene screening data (23&me)  which are also defective….plus you have other toxins including heavy metals, poor diet leading to high insulin resistance and inflammatory markers in the bloodstream, the pathways which are not working may make more damaging free radicals, called OXIDATIVE SPECIES. This clinic can view your OXIDATIVE markers in clinical screening tests in the clinic and help to reveal the information your health needs to recover.


With the MTHFR gene and other methylation and detoxification gene defects…you may be more at risk of Dementia. It is one thing to have a genetic predisposition to ALZHEIMERS and other DEGENERATIVE DISORDERS, it is another to have the information to do everything you can to prevent it. I choose the latter! I also have a family member who passed from consequences of alzheimers and I can tell you, I am doing EVERYTHING i can to prevent neurodegeneration! I discuss this in my eCourses so you may wish to join up below.

I strongly believe (& guess what!! The science is also evolving towards this…) the way forward to fulfilling a long and healthy life is not just in our genes but in our EPIGENETICS.



The things that we can actually make a difference to. Thats right!! If you can find out what your epigenetics are telling your genes to do, wouldn’t it be good to be able to assist the genes RECEIVE the correct messages?  The answers are evolving and seem to be living in the understanding of epigenetics, clinical nutrition and methylation. Treatment in this clinic supports al those and helps to unravel those issues your gene may be receiving.

If you would like to learn more about how the MTHFR gene can affect your family, feel free to download my free eBook “5 Things you should know about the MTHFR Gene”

I am also holding more extensive eCourses to properly explain how to unravel your chronic health conditions and you are welcome to join the wait list for those here.

Until then eat you green leafy vegetables and keep your memory strong with these simple things: social networking with others helps improve brain and cognition it has been shown, incorporating healthy essential fats in your diet to assist a healthy brain, from oily fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours (restful sleep) at night helps reset your brain and detox it overnight is suggested to help brain health. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Thanks for reading!


Happy and healthy days to you,


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