MTHFR – whats all the fuss?

 Online E-courses are coming to your home & I want to share with you all things Naturopathic! 

Let me know where to sign up!!

Let me know where to sign up!!

First up MTHFR gene! What the blazes is it all about???

Are you confused and need to have the basics before you have testing for MTHFR?


You have had the testing and have chosen to wait for more information before self prescribing folate supplements?


You’ve taken the test, taken the medicine you were told to take online AND you’re still feeling crappy?

Then don’t miss out on the next E-course where I will talk about all things MTHFR.

I would love it if you could share this post around to all those you might think want to know and tell them its free! I want to get this information far and wide!

Seeyou in there!


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