MTHFR Gene – what the Mo Fo is it?

Whats all the fuss about the MO FO gene!

snippet webianr mthfr - meerkatHave you heard about the new genetic swear word going around?

Its actually a gene that has a cool anacronym for a word we may or may not, mutter under our breath occasionally.. At least I know I have!

MTHFR better known as Methyltetrahyrafolatereductase (whew that is a mouthful!) is becoming the word many people with chronic anxiety and ongoing chronic health issues are testing positive for. About 7-8 years ago, I remember it being a really helpful gene to understand poor weight loss and one reason some of the professional nutraceutical gurus of my career, developed folinic acid as a supplement for weight loss. (I will acknowledge the guru of Australian Nutritional Medicine here- Dr Henry Osiecki, big thanks to his career and genius)

So what is the MTHFR gene? It is a gene that helps make folate more active and bioavailable in the body to do many of its important jobs, like keep our nervous system happy, keep our brain happy and to help prevent neural tube defects in pregnancy and better still improve make our cells sing and generate importnat messages to other cells to keep disease the MO FO away!

When people have an MTHFR Gene mutation/defect, folate may not get processed properly. There are thousands of methylation and detoxification pathways in your biochemistry and even more genes, so this is the key to helping them all behave. FOLATE is one of the most important nutrients our body’s methylation pathways need to make other key biochemical and nutritional conversions work.

So if you have the MTHFR gene and you don’t know about it.. and you take supplements and eat foods with fortified and synthetically added and manufactured FOLIC ACID (Arghhhh!!) Then you could be adding to the over supply of un-metabolically active FOLIC ACID in your blood. It just may not be getting into the cells. On blood tests red cell folate looks good but in reality, is it actually getting into the cells in the active biological state? with MTHFR … NO DEAL! In some studies we see FOLIC ACID being detrimental in high levels in the blood. Unfortunately those with the MTHFR gene who are not aware and those that are are being told many and varied reasons why to take other forms of folate and find themselves spinning around this world of MTHFR confusion.

There is one more thing… if you would like to know a little more about the MTHFR gene such as what to eat, what other symptoms you may be suffering from but weren’t aware the gene may be affecting, I am giving away a free ebook on the 5 most common things you need to know about MTHFR.

I am also letting you in on a little secret..shhhh I am taking details early for my ecourse on  MTHFR and the Microbiome, so be sure to pop your name down to join me.  Until then, if you haven’t had it tested…let me know and I can organise a complimentary appointment for  a easy peasy cheek swab you to have it tested. For those that LOVE the having blood taken, you can have a blood test for the gene. I love the cheek swab for it’s ease and also for children.

Until then, keep happy, eat healthy and don’t let any MO FO stand in your way!