Is Your Drinking Water Up To Scratch?

Is Your Drinking Water Up To Scratch??

People often ask me why I am so passionate about water!

Having 25 years of experience with medical test interpretation, pathology, and integration of natural medicine, it is no surprise I have researched and personally used many forms of natural medicines and water devices. Simply, these are the main areas we can change to achieve better health.  And lets face it, the environment we live in is far more toxic and disturbed than it ever was…  so now many people want to know what is the best form of water to drink.

Most Filters use carbon stones and that’s about it.

Takes some contaminants out yes, but not a broad range nor to safe levels of drinking, very much like the water jugs you find in Kmart really.

So what IS in our drinking water that we should be aware of and highly concerned about?

  • The effects of lead in the piping process
  • Corrugated and rusted particles from old pipes under the roads and coming to your home
  • Chemicals in newer plastic pipes that have been treated to reduce wear underground and temperatures
  • Chloramines and other chemicals are added to acidic reservoir water that has been contaminated via runoff from the land where the water collects, including industrial and petrochemical toxins.
  • Rain water that falls onto the rooftops and into gutters before it reaches your taps

Get the picture?


Find out what is in your own water supply by clinking on this link and or locating your own states supplier.  National and State public safety regulations legislate for this however the safe reference range is not always studied and some toxic carcinogens have ‘unknown” safe levels.

Would it benefit us to change our water filter and provide our homes with the besst and most natural forms of drinking water?

An astounding big YES! to this! There are many water companies selling ‘filters” which include reverse osmosis, or basic carbon filter jugs, rendering the taste better but many are not removing all of the contaminants that I personally would want to consume! It is a notion of what we cant see WILL hurt us, eventually!

So how do we choose a better filter and drinking system? 

What you need to know about filtration… What good is healthy water if it isn’t also clean water? To that end, be thorough in your research.
Watch out for slick marketing and fancy free lifestyles of those that sell the machines, overpriced prices due to high commissions on sales and lack of transparency, no independant testing and ask for te4chnical papers on the contaminants which are actually filtered.


UltraWater Ionizer Filters Remove:

            • Lead
            • Arsenic
            • Prescription Drugs
            • Industrial Chemicals
            • Hormones Chromium VI
            • Chlorine
            • OTC Drugs
            • Pesticides
            • Heavy Metals Chloramine
            • Trihalomethane
            • Preservatives
            • Herbicides
            • Volatile Organic Compounds
            • To find out here what you may have in your tap water unknowingly click  here

Plus the Ionisers I recommend have 16 supercharged medias and advanced technologies to remove toxins!

Transform your Health.

Bottled water can’t be trusted either. A 2008 Environmental Working Group study revealed that 38 contaminants were found in 10 popular brands of bottled water. Each bottle sampled contained an average of eight chemicals, including among others: nitrates, industrial chemicals, arsenic and bacteria. Not good.

I have tried many water filters and I think the ultimate answer is UltraWater™. It is the only water ionizer filter that is independently and rigorously tested against 249 contaminants — reducing virtually all of them to 99.9%, including the toughest things like chromium VI, arsenic, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more.

The clean water is then transformed into alkaline water that is also negatively ionized and hydrogen-rich. With the push of a button, you can choose the level of alkalinity in the water that you drink. AlkaViva’s H2 Infusion technology adds the documented benefits of molecular hydrogen.

With an H2 Series Ionizers, you can literally transform your ordinary, plain tap water into the cleanest and healthiest alkaline water — just like the world’s natural healing waters. returning your water to its natural state. Energising, fresh and tasty.


You can even TRIAL one of these units* for two weeks to see for yourself the difference. Find out how

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