About BLOODY Time! -Good news for Iron Rich donations!

It’s About BLOODY Time! 

Finally the 300-500 mLs of blood drawn from the veins of those with Genetic Haemochromatosis is being used by a Laboratory in the States. The UCLA is now the first groundbreaking lab to be accepting the Ferritin (stored iron) from those all other labs used to discard! As waste!!!!

As a highly common disorder, every Homozygous Haemochromatosis inheritance patient well knows, the beautiful rich blood taken weekly, monthly, quarterly was thrown away when millions of labs were hungry like the wolf for blood donations for hospital admissions for life saving procedures. Why?

People with hereditary hemochromatosis, a disorder in which too much iron builds up in the body, typically have to undergo therapeutic phlebotomy — essentially bloodletting — to regulate iron levels, sometimes as often as once a week.

Blood donations are collected at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. (Photo by Joshua Sudock/UCLA Health)

“Until recently, this blood was discarded rather than made part of the nation’s blood supply, which hit a critical low during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That changed in December of 2020 when the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center initiated a program that allows people with hereditary hemochromatosis to donate blood as often as their physicians recommend, contributing life-saving blood for those in need and saving themselves the cost and effort associated with therapeutic phlebotomy.”

One ponders this and understands science can do marvels with Blood transfusions, IVF, Immunological assays but alas they throw this iron rich blood out! Until now! Let’s hope in the future more labs take this on and the blood of those with Haemochromatosis is not taken in vein! (pun intended!)

One hopes the next step will be for this to flow onto the many thousands of collections centres around the world including Australia where 1:200 -400 people carry or have a gene passed from both parents rendering them homozygous for the commonly prevented condition.

Naturopathic support for people newly diagnosed and also those with many years of misdiagnosed Haemochromatosis (HFE) suffering joint pains, hormonal, diabetes, heart disease and liver disease is complementary to the basic blood letting and is full of information and support for those with HFE.

Reach out for a naturopathic perspective with yours truly, who has lived with HFE, sent many off for diagnosis where it has been warranted ( that’s everyone) easily, reversed osteoporosis, liver cirrhosis and has led a healthy life regardless, for 25 years alongside a western medicine bent on solely offering venesection and catch-up medicine, and really get to love the knowledge that is available to help you or your family.


Knowledge is power and Natural Prevention is MUCH better than leaving your health too late.

Yours inhealth

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Gather around – here is more exciting news!

I am now turning the research paper which landed me the “Research Prize” at the ocmpletion of my 4th year of Naturopathic college, into a Full educative tool for those with Haemochromatosis to help them and others using my experiences and natural medicine approach to recovering to an optimal healthy state using food, specific antioxidants, nutritional and herbal supplements and the water I drink, and how I reversed liver disease and osteoporosis by restoring the body’s functions to create harmony rather than inflammation! Get your name down for the launch early!

– If you’d like to reserve your copy and find out more, your invited to add your name here. There are some simple steps you can take to really change your beliefs and your body to recover to an optimal state of wellbeing.

Can’t wait to share this with you all to protect your family and yourself from long term health issues.

In health and happiness,

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