WORLD HAEMOCHROMATOSIS WEEK 2022 – What is happening internally?



Iron OVERLOAD Disorder


The role of the Acid – Alkaline balance

in Iron Overload Disorder 


What is happening internally? 

Most people with a chonic health disorder would be surprised to learn that they may have been hiding a common iron overload disorder and a simple gene test may be able to help get some answers.

They may also be surprised to know that they can read their blood tests and work out if this is happening in their bodies.

Iron Studies don’t show genetics so it is important if you have fatigue, headaches, gradual vision loss, joint pains, muscle aches, hormonal issues, early heart problems, family history with heart issues… diabetes and bronzing skin. There are many more and can be simply googled.

Anyone can google and find many thousands of published articles in science based medical research journals on the Haemochromatosis.


Why don’t we hear about the common issues of this preventable genetic disorder?

Up until the late 90’s it was common in some states to have a basic cheek swab to assess for HFE genes.
Medicine is struggling to handle the massive rise in chronic disorders. Short and rushed visits to the GP are missing comprehensive assessments and Medicare has slashed rebates for tests and pushed doctors to avoid “unnecessary” blood tests so little wonder it takes up to 20 visits to the medical centre before this is diagnosed.

Often when iron is not abnormal genes are not tested. however just because the iron studies are in normal range doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the gene tests completed. Prevention IS better than the disease process that occurs.


How does Ferritin in Haemochromatosis cause an Acid Alkaline disruption?

Despite iron’s integral role within the body, it also has the potential to be highly toxic by facilitating the formation of free radicals when the ferritin or stroed free floating ferritin is not regulated in the transport into the body tissues.  Thus, carefully regulated mechanisms have evolved to transport iron across biological membranes, distribute it throughout the body, and store it in inert form until needed. These are namely Transferrin proteins that grab onto the ferritin and help it safely enter the areas it is meant to be used.

In Genetic Haemochromatosis, the amount of damaging free ferritin increases however the amount of the safety sponge transferrin transporters can or does not. (the receptor protein that normally allows the safe transport of ferritin over the cell membranes) There becomes, simply a saturation of the safety sponge that is Transferrin and the ferritin then begins to store in the organs and causes oxidative stress. Your blood test for Iron studies will show FE:TS and this should be low or less than 45-50 at minimum.

For every 30 micromoles of iron ions there are 90 micromoles of hydrogen ions generated, which the body fluid buffers need to titrate. Or rather, this is the classical view of the acid-base disturbance.1

This then causes stress on the acid-alkaline balance in the blood as we then start to have metabolic acidosis happening – in some people more significant than others.

I run programmes to help people who have trouble with maintaining their acid – alkaline balance and especially in chronic states of disease as with Haemochromatosis. why… because

Naturopathy taught me to be a critical thinker

To always look deeper.  

Never underestimate your own gut instinct.

You live in your body.. you are the master of ALL your own ceremonies

The expert team i work alongside “PhoenixRisignFx” have genetic testing for genes that can add to the manifestion of changes in our healthy processes in the body. These genes can be measured via a simple cheek swab.

Find out more about this test here:







IL6 and many more

All of these can be tested in a simple cheek swab and you can gather a comprehensive report and supplement to personalise the nutrition YOUR BODY needs!

Simple Testing can tell a thousand words about your Health!

Testing is Important – Know your blood tests

My naturopathy studies threw me into full research about this and in 2003 and being diagnosed in my late 20’s I have thrown every part of my passion for health into spreading the news.

Gather around – here is the exciting news!

I am now turning this paper into a full educative tool for those with haemochromatosis to help themselves and others using my experiences and natural medicine approach to recovering to an optimal healthy state using food, healthy water, optimized nutritional and herbal supplements and even adding in how I reversed liver disease and osteoporosis for myself. 

– If you’d like to reserve your copy and find out more, your invited to add your name here. There are some simple steps you can take to really change your beliefs and your body to recover to an optimal state of wellbeing.

Can’t wait to share this with you all!


In health and happiness,

Michelle Crone Naturopathy Online








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