Turmeric the Golden Spice To Reduce Inflammation & Pain!



Inflammation often only rears its ugly head when you have symptoms of pain, swelling and fatigue and if not dealt with can cause tissues to scar and this can often be the start of more pain and fatigue.

Turmeric is the now well known to assist in reduction of inflammation, which assists the production of FIBRIN…

Some of you whom have had in clinic blood screening & have heard me talk about fibrin as an active inflammatory sign. What is Fibrin?


FIBRIN is another word for “acute phase proteins” or the inflammatory mediators that the liver sends into the blood while trying to help detoxify the many thousands of chemicals, drugs, preservatives


                      Above: Fibrin spikules as seen in                                                 Darkfield Morphology

sugars, pesticides etc that our bodies are swamped with daily! Fibrin is involved in clotting factors and also a increases the immune response to inflammation and subsequent pain responses.


Little wonder scientists are studying the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmerics’ active ingredient “Curcumin”. I suggest to use this wonderful spice in your foods and smoothies daily.

Mixed with a number of other awesome healing ingredients and spices, it makes for a NECESSARY add to your diet. Fresh & organic Turmeric is your best option however much of the active Curcumin can be destroyed when it is heated in cooking.However the clinic now has

However, for those in need of stronger doses than the recipe provides,  the clinic now has LIPOSOMAL CURCUMIN Potent blends. Speak to me if this is something you need to use if your body is really struggling.

FOOD is either MEDICINE or a slow POISON!

I have included a link to a free recipe for you to make your own ANTI INFLAMMATORY images-5drink.

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