Social Media Support

Social Media 

Who loves it?

Who wastes time on graphics?

Who needs to make more posts so Social Media works for them? 

Who can’t make the graphics work? 

Introducing…a new service offered via Michelle Crone Naturopathy

Graphics and Memes, made with you, for you, by me!

I love doing graphics for social media and so would like to introduce this as a service to anyone who doesn’t “do” graphics for their business. I will use my own photos and also royalty free pictures but if you have your own photos that’s awesome.

I’ll need a 30 minute consult to help you work on theme and meme package and all you have to do is choose your knowledge level and package.

Join my secret facebook group for all the information and to gather ideas as a group. I will also be holding training webinars in this group from time to time. It’s pretty easy. I would love to help you get the most out of your social media, no matter what business you are in.

Here is the information and list of packages for you to ponder. Any questions you know you can email me on or through the contact page on my websites.

In light and love,