Humanity – Love Over Evil – How to change the world you perceive


“How a return to self-love will help our planet and beyond”

I wanted to share an insight of how this is possible, simply effectively and powerfully by applying the principles of nature to evidenced-based natural medicine and the innate healing ability of the body.

We have the ability to change our mindset and our internal health with simple natural tools. Our thoughts fuel our mindset and our water and food fuels the internal microbiome and is paramount to review and improve in these changing times.

Question : Do you agree that opposites always exist in quantum physics and spirituality is not complete without an understanding of this?

For example – there is good and evil in  all scenarios, all choices – all areas of life – one cannot exist without the other.
We can though choose one over the other.
Calm over Fear
Love over Hate
Light over Dark
Proactivity over Complacency
Choice over Putting up with that we are non comfortable with
Of the 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe  this is focused on choosing good over evil – sharing light over dark, calming others down instead of allowing fear to spread easily, laughter over sadness. 
We have choices
Part of our new era of consciousness as humble -and as innocent as I am in my knowledge – is sharing an empathic, intuitive, light and good hearted human desiring love for all.
All I offer, humbly is to share with those who choose is to come to the light in masses to enable the light to be shinier than the evil…
This part is easy – This part is love.
To prosper this beautiful planet into infinity – love of self must be first and foremost,
love of others and the world around you falls naturally into place then.  
PSYCH-K helps share the love and allows us to look inside at what is holding us back and ultimately it is our own inner beliefs that are the key to remove and replace with a clear and easy lightness of mind.
It is beautiful when the Mind is FREE!  
So difficult to explain without feeling it personally.
The closest I can share is the feeling of lying on my back on a warm sunny day looking at the clouds as a young girl and just looking with open and curious eyes and not having any preconceived thoughts in my mind of what I am seeing.
THIS is the Freedom of Mind and the love of Nature we are all innately designed to feel.
 These are the other Laws of
1. Law of divine oneness
2. Law of vibration
3. Law of correspondence
4. Law of Attraction
5. Law of Inspired Action
6. Law of Perpetual Transformation of Energy
7. Law of Cause and Effect
8. Law of Compensation
9. Law of Relativity
10. Law of Polarity
11. Law of Perpetual Motion
12. Law of Giving and Receiving

Blessings and much love to all – especially those in darkness – light generates love 💕


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