Challenge yourself in 2021 – Release Your Fears – Live Fully –

Challenge YourSelf

Do you ever consider yourself  too old to do what you love and live life fully?

Are you ever too scared to experience the bliss and joy of completing something you have always loved?

Does your age and or health slow you or hold you back a little?

Maybe… you’ve answered a big fat YES to some or all of these – but not with a Free Mind and not this 50+ chick!

I started skiing at around 5 years of age on double skis and quickly progressed to a single ski, to attempting dry land jump starts – the feel of being pulled out and getting up first POP is amazing – the water feels strong under the ski and my legs just know what to do to balance and get out of the water without too much up the nose (or elsewhere) and feels and sounds glorious under the ski – Just like thousands of droplets under the shower but more divine knowing you have created them on the water.

Some of what I love to do includes challenging my own fears and jumping in the deep end.

Being a PSYCH-K®️ facilitator – I constantly release others fears and so I challenged myself to jump in – release the perception that I couldn’t do it

All the while knowing full well that just holding on was a challenge in itself!

So I wanted to share the end part of of my MAGIC ski and describe this moment…

Outcome – BLISSFUL SKI with a massive full moon rising over the River Murray’s red ochre cliffs, soft ripples on the water, and me – in nature’s own south australian playground.

Watch the BLISS here!
Video – Stepping Into Your Fears

Anything is possible – if you have always wanted to do something that you’ve not done for a long time…for yourself – just do it.

If you want help – let me know and I’ll gift you an insight into a session with a FREE chat about PSYCH-K®️ For your own discovery of your subconscious mind and develop your untapped full potential!

In light and love,



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