Adelaide WELLNESS BASE CAMP, Healthy Gut Diet Webinar and more!

Welcome to a summary of  Adelaide’s 2018

Wellness Base Camp

and fresh access to the Healthy Gut Diet webinar below. 

Some exciting news coming up in the next few weeks or so at Michelle Crone Naturopathy. Stay tuned for retreats, webinars, a members-only health food shop and access to household sustainable, and eco-friendly items.

Tell me what you would like to learn more about and let me package up some more webinars for you too!

If you missed the first live webinar on the Health Gut diet, please join here! 


Stay tuned for the webinar specials on your gut health and a healthy gut diet.

Heres also a little book for you to download “Why do I feel so bloated” Part of the stepping stone towards setting yourself up to gain better health is really understanding the core or the drivers of your health issues. A whole person review is taken when you have a consult with Michelle which helps to better understand your health drivers. Download the ebook now. 


After an INSPIRING Saturday as an exhibitor at Adelaide’s first WELLNESS BASECAMP, I am chuffed to be able to have met so many like-minded health conscious people and had so many LOVE the Bristol Stool Cake I may add a blog of it a bit later! It deserves its own BLOG!

Many of you were there to delve through some of the areas that have held you from being the best you can be and to make a difference and you have now been able to add some “to-do’s” to your personal healing pathways.

I was in awe of the vibe.

Congratulations to The Wellness Couch team, Dr. Brett Hill, Marcus Pearce, Kim Morrison and Damian Kristoff for delivering some very inspiring and down to earth discussions and food for thought to the audience.

Thank you to all the people who ventured over to my stand to say HELLO and I apologise to those whom I did not get a chance to introduce myself. I have added the link to my webinar which was offered to you on the day and which has been and gone. Please let me know if the link needs to be resent to you or click this link here for your access.

Here’s a summary of the day and I understand there is a podcast recording of the event if you have a look at the Wellness Couch site.

Marcus Pearce presented an exceptional experience of Living an Extraordinary Life.

Marcus enlightened us with an honest and hilarious description of how to lead an exceptional life – including looking at your life purpose, movement, social life, nutrition, love & relationships, growth, wealth and spirit.

The glorious Janet Parker told us how alkalising her drinking and shower water supply saved her very sick doggie and family members beyond expectations. Janet is the Founder and Director of the

Zazen Purified water filters and donates them to schools to give back! 


The inspiring Kim Morrison told us how to be true to ourselves and offered an insight and understanding of how to know what is really important to our lives. Family and some really special stories about her own challenges and how she overcame adversity in her life and family with the unconditional love of self.

The most important aspect of life. 

Nutritionist & Naturopath, Damian Kristoff enthralled the audience with his experience with fad diets and how we can really question what we as individuals can do to better support our health. Damian developed and runs the yummy Paleo grain free cereal range Forage. Check out his range, I don’t love cereal as I am an eggs and spinach/salmon chick but the Paleo Forage is fabulous and may have just hooked me and my little one.

The down to earth Wellness Couch presenter, Chiropractor, Paleo advocate, barefoot runner, author of numerous books and e-books and all round good guy, Dr. Brett Hill was awesome as usual and inspired us discussing being kind, live authentically and being silly!


Other speakers included the Smashed Avocado guys, Andy Wang & John Purl whom look after all business with health and wellness. A very important ascpect of anyone who owns  a business is to look after yourself so you can look after others.


What a wonderful day and I am sure if you missed out you can catch up on all the news at the podcasts.

There will be special retreats and a basecamp summit in a few months so don’t forget to keep an eye out for that!


SO until next catch up, check out my webinar!

Stay well and thankyou for those who took the time to say hello!