Weight Loss – doesn’t have to be difficult, here’s why…

Start 2019 with a new belief system around your health. 


doesn’t have to be difficult, here’s why”

Do you often think to yourself that loosing weight is all too hard and you will start Monday.. then Tuesday , then next week? Next Month? Oh but what about Easter coming up.. better wait till that I suppose???

Sound like you?

Don’t put it off any longer…



If it takes a health crisis to kick start you into the motivation you need that is far too late!

So many people are only motivated once their body starts to exhibit signs of dis-ease and their Doctor says, “You need to lose weight.. or else…”

There are many ways to lose weight but foremost is the ability to SET YOUR MINDSET  TO LOOKING AFTER YOU and second of all is a caring and professionally trained practitioner willing to take your health to another level…

I can help you work through those thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. I ensure you your thoughts will be free and the new sense of inner calm will help get you motivated.


My 4-week basic MIND AND BODY programme assists you to get your mindset right while using a planned and complementary medicine approach designed to help you lose weight and maintain it with the right mindset to help you succeed.


One person who recently completed this programme,  would return home from work daily, with no motivation or energy, slumped in the favourite chair to watch movies and drink a few too many beers  to drown out his daily stressors. We worked deeper than just changing diet, we worked on some CORE DRIVING BELIEFS that had HELD THIS PERSON BACK FROM LOVING THEMSELVES…..

I LOVE facilitating WITH my clients a better understanding of their core beliefs and shift them into a state of calm while using my 16 years of professional natural medicine to HELP KEEP YOUR METABOLISM ON TRACK.

If this is something you are ready to jump on board with and benefit LONG TERM from you can

find the booking link here


A little gift if you are still not ready to help you get started in Feburary…

Not ready for the whole programme yet… that’s ok… here’s a little help to get you started by way of a gift from me to you – available only in February – one per person. Appointments booked for one hour PsychK session only. $30 off! Normally $150

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Yours in health and happiness,