Can the Pill Cause Depression?



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Studies from the Medscape Education Clinical Briefs have shown recently that the OCP in some individuals – especially adolescents – may cause DEPRESSION or ANXIETY

The goal of this study by Lidegaard and colleagues was to determine whether hormonal contraception use is positively associated with subsequent antidepressant use and/or a diagnosis of depression at a psychiatric hospital” says Medscape’s author Megan Brooks.

The study shows adolescents are the most vulnerable…

Mood Changes

The investigators collected data from January 1, 1995, to December 31, 2013 and showed that women who used progesterone based oral hormonal contraceptives are at increased risk for the development of depression, and adolescents between 15-19 seem most vulnerable.The study was published online September 28 in JAMA Psychiatry and goes on to say that…

“Women should generally be informed about this potential side effect with the use of hormonal contraception, so they can react appropriately in case of mood changes or even depression development. Further, that doctors’ who prescribe hormonal contraception should be aware of this potential risk.”

Noteworthy Research

Dr Lidegaard of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen told Medscape Medical News, “This is the first study ever conducted which has followed a large cohort of previously mentally healthy women starting on hormonal contraception…and then followed these women for 13 years for their eventual start on antidepressant therapy or getting a depression diagnosis, as compared with age-matched women not starting on hormonal contraception.  Women with previous mental disease were excluded, as were pregnant women.”

The findings support the theory of progesterone involvement in the etiology of depression, because progestin dominates combined and progestin-only contraceptives, the investigators say.

Implications for Natural & Nutritional support of fertility and contraception

1477424_455475744563917_161381675_nIt is important to remember that most women between 15-19 are prescribed the hormonal contraceptive pill with progestins to support heavy periods, painful periods and mood swings, acne and irregular cycles that are not actually healthy cycles as well as for a contraceptive. Many of these cycles are NOT NORMAL and mean the person has some nutritional and hormonal imbalances which the hormonal contraceptives wont actually change but will mask the underlying symptoms. This is the time when hormonal changes are so important. In herbal

Prescribing the PILL  may seem like the best thing but 15-19 years of age ….this is the time when hormonal regulation is so important. Is the PILL the really answer or just a band aid for further problems later?

In herbal medicine we are advised not to alter or use any herbal medicines which may affect the development of hormones until a regular cycle is seen. Why then, is it that this form of prescription is used so easily. Having been prescribed the OCP as a teenager for me upset a whole life time of infertility, I did not realise until I was ready to have children that this woudl affect me. Had I been a naturopath back then..I would know more.

Hopefully now the studies may delve further and find out what Nutrigenomic practitioners like me understand the HOW’s the hormonal pill including progestins change and conflict with the moods and affect anxiety.

Interesting that in this clinic, and with genetic testing via Nutrigenomics, (a highly skilled form of investigation with brilliant insight into the persons’ methylation process), that this is actually possible. Unfortunately, conventional medicine hasn’t been as proactive and has recently suggested that this form of investigation should not be undertaken and refused if a patient asks their GP! Do they actually want us to be healthy??? Read more about MTHFR genetic testing and the 23 and me gene testing I get so passionate about online.

This clinic is proud of the information it has discovered for clients with genetic methylation testing. Investigating how your genetics may be affecting the manufacture and metabolism of your hormones can be arranged via Michelle Crone Naturopathy.

How does Nutrition affect your hormones and moods?

Investigating your diet and how your gut microbiome and liver detoxification pathways affect your hormones are also a huge part of clearing anxiety and depression not to mention hormones. Personalised recipes and nutrition are also a huge part of the healing process in any treatment plan. Fats are essential and how many teenagers little own women eat enough essential fats? Zinc and B6 are also really important. For this reason all new clients receive a Nutrition programme personalised to their health issues to help them choose recipes and make life easier and this is a complimentary part of your care.

vegies1Unraveling your health challenges are VERY important and possible.

Let’s work towards a healthier and proactive community of hormonally healthy women. 

Artificial Hormone control is not ok for some and hormones of young women are not to be messed with especially in view of studies such as the above.

If you are ready to have a comprehensive HORMONE CHECK UP and see if your ORAL HORMONES are AFFECTING YOUR MOODS

heres your booking link.

cliniko-icon-blue-bgI would love to help your health and free your anxiety:) 

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Medscape “Can Hormonal Birth Control Promote Depression?”


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