Water Ionisers – Alkalisers

BUDER - High Tech Water - Purifyer - Ioniser

P r o d u c t  F u n c t i o n

►Alkalising Water Machine

►Unique Electrodes Design Patent

►Automatic Reverse Cleaning Design Patent

►Automatic indicator alert for built-in filter replacement

►TUV certification

A d v a n c e d  T e c h n o l o g y

Automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second. Unique and necessary for self cleaning. Other units of higher price and lesesr value hold warranty if their device is not sent back for servicing yearly and do not clean after each use.

The electrodes are Platinum Electrode plates with Maxell,Ltd. unique patent and High-End, Perfect Platinum PFC Technology for electrodes surface treatment. Maxell Ltd. also proudly has the unique patent- “Perfect Platinum PFC" for the surface treatment Technology!

The platinum electrodes plates are treated by very fine electroplating one time and then a second time treated by Sintering. Sintering is an effective process to reduce the porosity and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency and thermal conductivity.

The second process allows electrodes the extra thickness required than other manufacturers of higher price and lesser technology. This process brings the best performance to introduce the best water ionizer in the world. The UF membrane is mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges.

Buder water ionizers are MADE IN JAPAN by Maxell,Ltd.

Buder Water Ionizers are certified by TUV / ISO13485 and the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS / SGS, has the best quality in the world.

These are the ultimate in High Tech, High Health Water Ionisers - Alkalisers


Higher Antioxidant Power

The Buder is a mighty antioxidant producer! This high tech water ionizer generates a continuous stream of pH 2.5 - 10.5 water...each are versatile types of water to meet all your  commercial needs: Strong Alkalised Water, Neutral Water, Beauty Water, and Strong Acidic Water. The Buder also measures the ORP on a screen so that you can see the Antioxidant value of the water being made.

Full Color LCD PanelMany pH settings Available

The device is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a large full color LCD panel and clear voice prompts. With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the pH levels of waters you choose.

Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice, and in moments the machine will generate healthy, ionized water through a flexible pipe, clean itself and allow you to know you are drinking the best healthy water.

Under Sink - Alkalising Water Ionizer

The Minimalists love to have clean and open benchtops and thus there is a unit specifically made with the same high tech plates and operating systems as the bench top model, yet it is sleek and sexy to look at on the bench top. All that we see here is the outlet and measuring device.

This unit is a perfect addition to the new and designer homes - all enquires to Michelle at mlcrone@bigpond.com

Professional Hydrogen Water-What to look for

There are many hydrogen water devcies on the market and the specifics of those that we have chosen to distribute have the major properties listed below.

  1. Independant and free of MLM marketing and come with less stress and lower prices as a result.
  2. Many pH settings to chose a variety of uses including antibacterial 2.5 pH water to highly alkaline pH for fruit and vege cleaning and also drinking and beauty washing for your skin.
  3. Must have the Medical Grade Platinum and Titanium dipped electrolysis plates for best ionisation of your water
  4. Must be fully adapatable to the sink or benchtop and have models that fit under the sink
  5. Must pre-purify the water to remove contaminants better than just granulated carbon filters
  6. Must self clean after every use to allow less damage to the plates.
  7. Must provide a high ORP value and thus provide lasting Hydrogen Rich Water
  8. Must have a LONG warranty and be self servicing and cleaning plus simple to fit.

Other Water Units available 

Other Water Units available

Made in USA and Sold in Australia by a Family Run Company

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