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EOFY – Water device GIVE AWAY worth $499!

A Generous Gift for you! 

“Improve your Water’s Quality and Live Healthier,

More Hydrated and Cleaner”

The AlkaViva Water Company is Celebrating the End of Financial Year and has passed on the cheer with you! 

Mention you heard about this via Michelle Crone naturopathy and ask me for the code and you will recieve a Protable Water Ioniser valued at $499 for FREE with every purchase over $600! *

We have the ability to improve our internal health and longevity with simple natural tools. Water and food fuels the internal microbiome and are paramount to review and improve in these increasingly changing times. We must have the tools to keep our lymphatic system, the drainage system of our bodies, from building up more waste than can be removed, like a good cistern in the bathroom, no one likes an overflowing toilet! Neither does the body!

Drainage via proper hydration, from water that has a reduced molecular size from Electrolysis and a process called Ionisation, is an important key to this drainage in your body.

Reverse Osmosis is different and demineralizes the water. Ionized water increases the pH naturally, adding to the bonus of maintaining a beautiful alkalized state in your blood supply which is a requirement of active health and longevity.

There is nothing like drinking healthy, hydrogen-rich alkalized, ionized water from your tap, not bought from the shop, not carted around the sun in the back of a truck absorbing the light and chemicals in plastics, pure healthy and filtered water.


If you wish to take up this amazing offer, you have until midnight June 30th AEST to take up the offer. You will need a code to offer them for this deal and the freebies stocks are limited. I chose the Vesta H2 in my home, the top end above bench device, however there are many units to chose to fit your budget.

Melody is a five plate Ioniser and the undersink for you minimalists is also beautiful to look at. There are also mains whole house filters and shower filters too.

Payment plans may not apply to sales (check first) and Free Delivery anywhere for all orders over $500.

To use my code to access your unit use

You will also need to contact me to ask for the free offer code for your Free Portable IoniserPortable Water Ioniser

*conditions apply


Vesta H2 - 9 plate water ioniser


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