What can you expect when you have a consultation with a Professional Naturopath?

In Clinic Screening:

From information gained in your consultations, Michelle is able to design an individualised treatment protocol based on nutrition and using herbs and nutritional supplements. Functional pathology further provides an insight into the areas that may require more testing or nutritional support. During your Clinical Screening appointment, Michelle will discuss with you which testing can be used to help understand your health and find a treatment to restore you to health!

Iridology Assessments

Using integrated iridology. “your eyes are the seat of the soul” – Michelle Practices Rayid and Integrative Iridology TM

Comprehensive and thorough Medical History assessments


  • Heavy metal testing
  • Thyroid, Libido and Fertility Hormonal analysis,
  • In-clinic Food intolerance testing,
  • (IgG & IgE Food and Household Chemical Biocompatibility testing,
  • Body signs (tongue, hands, skin, hair, acne amongst other signs, heck I even ask about your number ones and twos!!)
  • Comprehensive Digestive Screening – find out why your gut is so important to your wellbeing using the latest screening techniques picking up parasites, bad bugs and food intolerances. Michelle has a special interest in restoring a healthy GUT MICROBIOME  and has studied extensively in the Gut Health Masterclass with world gurus in this area. Try the Digestive Health Survey for insight into your gut health.
  • Individualised Nutritional Online Personalised Recipes for you! Consultations and take home packages may include complete recipes and meal plans delivered online to you. Make the kitchen your best friend and life much easier for only $10 per month. It doesn’t get much easier to heal than that! The world wide online nutrition delivered to you direct and with personalised recipes for your SPECIFIC HEALTH NEEDS! How cool is that! Have look at the VICTUS PERSONALISED NUTRITION PACKAGE here
  • Methylation and MTHFR gene screening is a special area of Michelle’s clinic and she is now a Ben Lynch” Seeking Health Trained Practitioner”
  • Experience speaks volumes : Added to the 14 years of clinical expertise in naturopathy and over 15 years in Dental Health Education in which she consulted around the world in many preventive Oral Health Clinics, the intuitive and passionate approach Michelle can offer her clients helps them understand the “why’s” of their health to get the “how to’s”.


  • Protected Online Resource & Shopping Cart to access practitioner only quality natural medicines, cost effective essential oils and home care detox products… only available to my clients or if you have a professional prescription


  • Gut and Digestion Education-“How to keep your family healthy from the inside out”
  • Preconception and Pregnancy webinars “how to prepare for pregnancy and conceive a healthy baby”
  • “How to detox your body safely and clean up the chemicals in your home”
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques “How to make life less stressed, more blissed and chilled out!”
  • “How to prepare your own healing herbal medicines”

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